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On right track?

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Basement space. 15' along wall. in middle sticking out 8' x 4' Along sides a passing with parking yard. along other direction a loop with small branch. Center area industry of some kind.
Basically a big T that will create some type of work to be done and allow switching with the outer areas.
first build and just need to get going. Doing ho with dcc.

overally ambitious or OK for first timer?
Also- What type of space between tracks for a yard?
How do I measure code on track already in possession? Not layed
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One thing I learned was that it is nice to have at least part of the track laid an operational, even if it is a small section. This way during those times when you just need to think the next portion through you can run a train. Also allows you to test different types of equipment as you acquire more. No size is to big as long as you have the right expectation that it will not be done overnight. Remember that it take time.
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