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I didn't mean track, as its just H.O. track....but yes, cars and locos are pricier than H.O.....
Actually, my experience is a bit different. I jumped into ON30 with both feet and put a bunch on my O layout last year. The track is cheaper but so were most of the locos - I bought several Bachman spectrum On30 locos with DCC and they ran less or no more than small O-Gauge steamers I have. Rolling stock was a bit less, too.

The locos were well made for the most part, and ran well enough - no compaints there. They were all a bit smaller than all but the smallest O-Gauge steamers (no surprise there), had no smoke but shuffing sounds (again, what I expected), but also much lighter than those O-gauge steamers (maybe not a a big surprise, but I did not like that), and mostly plastic bodies and chassis with almost not metal in this (I really didn't like that).

I found lots of brass ON30 locos that cost in $500 to $700 range that were as expensive as the best MTH or Lionel small, scale steamers, but did not buy any of those. Close examination of them on-line convinced me they would not be nearly as good.

Ultimately I gave up on On30 and removed it from the layout, and decided to stick with just O.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts