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One large lot of items for sale

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This is one lot of new or new old stock items I have for sale. I will sell as a complete lot only. Everything in the lot for $100 with free shipping. I will accept US postal money orders or personal checks. The lot includes the following.
(2) Accurail AAR 41' Steel Gondola data painted but no road name
(1) Stewart hobbies 70 ton 14 panel coal car DT&I
(1) Athearn work train baggage car CSX
(1) Details Associates 2 bay center flow hopper Data but no road name
(1) Details Associates Budd Hi-Level coach Santa-Fe type
(2) Atlas Extended Vision Cabooses painted RF&P
(1) Atlas Master Series Dash 8-32BW with decoder Undecorated
(1) Atlas S-2 Undecorated
(1) Atlas S-4 Undecorated
(1) Model Power 4-6-2 with smoke painted for the Canadian National
(1) Bachmann Spectrum GP-30 painted Pennsylvania (not pictured)


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I'd like to purchase that if no one else has, please PM me an addy if they are still available. Thanks.

It's a $100 bucks you know....not a $1.00:laugh:
That's shay...GETZ :D:D:D

pm sent...

Yeah ed...gotta new management type job now...figure I can part with more than 20 bucks for some trains for a change...;):rolleyes::laugh:
I just wanted to make sure you knew it was not a buck.:laugh:

Good for you with the new job.:thumbsup::D

Not a bad deal $100 bucks with shipping.:thumbsup:

What road name are you planning for the diesels?
This lot has been sold to the BG&U Railroad

1 - 3 of 13 Posts