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As you all seem to know how to bring a engine back from the dead, I have a few questions. Yesterday I got my late grandfathers trains and found them in a poorer condition then I thought. Most of the engines are tyco, and mantra(?). I do not plan on working on all them at the same time, but a few at a time. The two I want to start with are these:

Shark nose diesels:

New York Central tyco number 222-06 brown box. I have both A and B units, I need to replace the engine, gears and wheels and find a spot inside to slap in lights and DCC, and an idea where to find the replacement parts for this.

Santa fe tyco number 222-21, A unit only. I plan on touching up the paint as it the red is chipping away in a few places, needs a new engine, gears ahd wheels, plus lights DCC, etc you get my point.

F-9A Diesels:

I got two penn centrals and a CP rail, the shells are in great conditions but the engine and wheels, hell everything under the shell is beyond repair, I need some ideas on where I can buy a chasses that I can put the shell on that comes with engines, wheels, and a DCC plug.

on unrelated, but train subject, I recall reading that Pan Am had a railroad company in the 80s or 90s and a box cars painted with their colors and symbol. Does anyone know if model company modeled these cars? I would like to snagg a few.

Thanks for your help,


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Tyco Mantua

My favorite is the Mantua cast steam loco's in that scale. Yardbird trains supplied parts for those. The diesels? Tyco is out of buisness. The last resort is buy old stock from ebay.Shells tend to be similar so with a little research mount the shell on a different brand chassis. You will be better off.

Pan AM, I have conficting info. Pan AM amd Guilford rail did merge. There are Pan AM engines that run thru town but most are still marked Guilford. I really don't know who bought who. Someday I will catch the dark blue Pan AM Railways Logo. It's a matter of time. See the prototype gallery for the light blue Pan AM engine. Haven't seen any in scale.

Found this they said the same thing.

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I googled my avatar, copy and paste. Maybe Admin or the moderators could pull something together? Someone would need to compile a list with all of the roads. Not a job that I'd want.

Great idea, by the way, tworail.
I will do it; I like stuff like this... Know anywhere off the top of your head where I could find all of the different road names to look up? Maybe Wikipedia...
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