Items For Trade:

I’ve got PRR GP7(2) and 9(1) locos. One has train phone installed. I think all have DBs. All hi nosed.
What I’d like to do if someone is interested, is trade shells only, keeping our own mechanisms.
My reasoning is simple; I don’t want to strip, repaint and decal around the fragile plastic grab irons etc.

Priority preference in trade would be for Chessie system GP9 shells.

Secondary roads of interest are:

P&LE black & yellow scheme (not sure if P2K ever did that scheme or not?)
Lehigh Valley
NW (black & white or blue burger schemes)
GTW (red white & blue scheme only)
D&RGW large letter scheme only (will only trade 1 shell)**
SP bloody nose (1 shell only)**

** Only willing to trade for one western road because I’d like a single western loco in an eastern road lash up, and thinking one or two of you might feel similarly about a lone 1950/60s PRR unit mixed in.

For anyone interested, shell(s) from my end will be in the original box/sleeve, minus mechanism and shipped that way, so labeled boxes traded too. Willing to trade 1, 2, or all 3 to one or multiple parties.

Photos of the shells available upon request (they’re dusty, but 100% intact). They’re stored & I haven’t dug them out in a while.

Will Trade For:

Road Name Shell Swap