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I would like to share my POSITIVE experience with Scalecoat Paint. I modeled an HO CN SD70I #5678. I assembled the Athearn unit with as many details as could stand the painting. I.E. some of the details had to be painted separately. I have previously used Floquil Paint with excellent results, but I wanted to try the Scalecoat, as it dries glossy, ready for decals and that saves money, time, and cleaning that airbrush! I used black, white, and the new CN orange/red Scalecoat paint. I wiped down the parts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. When it was dry I used a make-up brush to dust off any lose fibers. I mixed the paint 2 parts paint to 1 part thinner. Now get this, I USED WAL MART THINNER $4.75 QUART. Also with the Floquil paint! The paint sprayed effortlessly and smooth, just like the Floquil. BUT!!, ....... It dried GLOSSY in about 10 hours with just as good a finish as Floquil. And again, saving $, time, and CLEANING THAT AIRBRUSH!! By the way I have a Paasch VL double action air brush. ALL of my painting is with the #3 needle set. The decals went on perfect, and with the exception of my faux pas with the nose door glass, (CN units don't have glass). I am now a converted Scalecoat painter.
This comment added 9/14:
I borrowed a digital camera and took some pics. This unit is short ditch lights(front and rear), and wipers, which are all back order.


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