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Painting ?

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Once the boiler has been stripped, sanded, buffed, and primed, do you wipe it down between coats of finish with anything to remove and fingerprints/oils?
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Let's say you're, "Brain-Dead" like me, and took it down off the hanger to check it. And, "But of course", you weren't wearing gloves, what do you do?
Thanks All!
I need something to do to keep me away from my frustrations with my S-Gauge:)
Oh Yeah!
So how'd you know I'd "Sneak A Peek" today? :laugh::laugh::laugh:
T-Man, I have at least 6 projects that are in various stages.

Restoring 1110-got the motor, all linkage and in process of painting broiler & Tender

Restoring 2-2026's(3 parts locomotives)-rebuilt the e-units (3!), cleaned up and buffed linkage, painted 2 of 3 broilers, waiting for some smoke unit parts.

Have a 208 that I stripped, chassis also needs stripping(minor rust/battery damage) need to rebuild the e-unit and horn relay(have 5 for parts) The painting will wait till I either find a source for the nose decal/make one/ or decide to go with some other 200 series alco designation. I gave up trying to work with those metal replacement aprons. I found some plastic replacements and they should be here by Wed.

The 226 is doing fine. I think that I wired the battery wrong, so it's still listed as a project.

Then of course, there are the "S", 302AC & 290 that have me beating my head against the wall:laugh::laugh:
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1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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