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Picked up a couple boxcars

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Picked up a couple boxcars slowly building things up. My wife saw this one and of course it is home now.
A Santa Fe car and when it arrived I was surprised. It is metal with no name markings on it.. Has Santa Fe on one side and the route lines on the other side ( was not any pictures of this side so that was a surprise).

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I would guess it's a kit car. Many had tin sides and non opening doors. Walthers, Athearn and many others made fine cars as kits. Don
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I believe you are right after looking at it more. I'm glad we got it, neat looking car.
You might think about picking up a couple of kits on E-bay. They are cheap and fun to build. Just add a couple of Lionel trucks and your ready to go. Plus it's nice to know you built it yourself. Don
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Good looking wagon. Much better than store-bought.
@jrnyfilms what do you use in the search window to find these on e-bay?

I just typed in " kit build your own o gauge boxcars". Had probably 35 results for HO. Wasn't any O gauge though.
The kits looked good ( a few were weathered) and it would be fun building them. I would definitely get a kick out of it.
Go to E-bay and type in O scale box car kit. Lots of them. Don
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