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What's in your (train) box? Sometimes the answer isn't that obvious. Case in point: Kato pre-Amtrak passenger cars.

When Kato decided to model pre-Amtrak passenger car service in the United States, they took on a complex task. They produced some fantastic, high-quality models that illustrate the uniqueness of each type of passenger car produced by the major U.S. manufacturers: ACF, Budd, and Pullman.

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of different body styles in production by Kato that, at first glance, can seem very similar to one another. For instance, you own an ACF ("ACF Smoothside") Union Pacific dome car. But is it a Dome Diner or a Dome Observation car? Ambiguous documentation and the fact that these cars look INCREDIBLY similar make it very challenging to know for sure what exactly you have.

The answer to this conundrum? If you look closely at each car, important differences can be discerned.

So, after lots of googling and close inspection of the different rolling stock, we created this page, which serves as a visual guide to recognizing the different kinds of Passenger rolling stock produced by Kato over the years. We hope fellow train enthusiasts will find this helpful.
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