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Pikemaster Trucks - replace

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Since the S guys are too busy building their layouts, let me show you this.
I reuse the old rivet to change out the truck. Cutting with a wheel will generate too much heat and the truck will melt off.

I start with a pair of needlle nose and work the edges of the small end of the rivet.

When I am ready I pry it off with a screwdriver. If I feel it move I apply pressure otherwise I go back to the needlenose. You have to make sure you grab both halves of the truck when you lift. I used a larger screwdriver than shown it was easier to snap the picture.

To install, the small side goes up. I use a flared center punch to round the inside of the rivet.

Next I use a rounded punch to work the edges. I place a long socket underneath for support.

To finish ,I have a small ball peen hammer. I use the rounded end first then the flat end to finish.

That's all there is to it.:D

A clear picture of the tools used.

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T-Man -- Nice job with the rivet reuse. I didn't know that was possible. I had just drilled some out of the trucks on my Lionel 1689T tender, planning to replace them with screws. I'll fiddle with rivet reuse method next time.

Jim -- I don't know much about AF steamer inventory, but for some reason, the wheel linkages on your loco remind me of the ones on postwar Lionel TURBINE steamers. (I can't think of the loco numbers right now, and no reference books with me at the moment.) Could it be that AF had their own version of a turbine steam loco?


Thanks for rivet info/tips. Much appreciated.

Jim -- GREAT looking switcher loco. Some work to do to get it running again, of course, but she's in the best of hands. Have fun!


Clever "90-degree rotation/lock" idea. I like that one.

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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