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Pikemaster Trucks - replace

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Since the S guys are too busy building their layouts, let me show you this.
I reuse the old rivet to change out the truck. Cutting with a wheel will generate too much heat and the truck will melt off.

I start with a pair of needlle nose and work the edges of the small end of the rivet.

When I am ready I pry it off with a screwdriver. If I feel it move I apply pressure otherwise I go back to the needlenose. You have to make sure you grab both halves of the truck when you lift. I used a larger screwdriver than shown it was easier to snap the picture.

To install, the small side goes up. I use a flared center punch to round the inside of the rivet.

Next I use a rounded punch to work the edges. I place a long socket underneath for support.

To finish ,I have a small ball peen hammer. I use the rounded end first then the flat end to finish.

That's all there is to it.:D

A clear picture of the tools used.

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Hey T-Man, I've got a Pikemaster Truck w/contact, bushings, but no riviet, sitting in my parts box. Want it?

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And while I have "ALL" you "S-Gaugers"..........

Picked this up in a bag of "goodies", lots of rivets, screws,(a 302 in need of TLC), trucks, wheels, etc.
At first when I saw the picture, I thought it was an AF HO. NOT!!!

It appears to be a complete switcher motor assembly(missing the pin for the chugger arm, and needs new wheel insulators)

Anyonehave any ideas of what model #?

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View attachment 4573

The return from the lamp is wired in the 5th(top) jack panel???
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Timboy, got about 30 assorted rivets, 2 sets of link trucks, 6 sets of sintered wheels, the 302-great shape(needs side rods and front truck, but I have extras!), rear truck assembly for a 336(great shape), 2 of the round side plates for the reel on a 636 reel car(in good shape), a 6 wheel-link truck with metal and plastic wheels(great shape), the other part of a truck with the side mounted, spring loaded, power pick-up, and that 0-8-0. Delivered for $61:)
TJ, because of the number I found on the chassis, it's a 0-8-0 Switcher. Also the number on the flanged wheel w/tapped hole is only used on the 342AC Switcher..... It's a 342 AC:)
So now the hunt begins!!!!

Finding all the parts to complete this Locomotive and tender.
It would probably be cheaper to just buy one(NOT!):laugh: But I like the idea of salvaging and these are really, fine, runners!!:rolleyes:

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