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Piko ICE decoder question

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Hi to all !
I am not really a train hobbyist but I have a Digital Start-Set ICE 3 by Piko.

This set was running OK, until a few days ago , my kid was playing with it and it stopped. Since then I can`t get it move again. Voltage is OK on the tracks but the train is dead.
I think that the problem could be something with a decoder.
I have to select my train with a remote but I don`t know how to select it.
My question is , can someone explain to me step by step how to program this train, and how to determine is something broken.
I have a manual (which I don`t understand) but I don't know if I am doing it right.
Under the train numbers are 5719502 0038 ( I suppose those are loco address )

Anyway, any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Sasa
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Thanks for your reply T-man.

If you go to and choose english than you go to "piko digital elements"
you get this same pdf`s in English.

My problem is: either I can not understand it correctly or something is wrong with a train ( as I said I don`t know anything about HO trains ).

Here is this part of manual:
2. Transmission channel
The PIKO Digi 1 uses 4 transmission channels for the controls. The transmission signal can
be altered at any time by pressing one of the keys .
The address of a loco to be driven can be allocated to each transmission channel independently
of the other channels.
In addition, 4 individual variable addresses for electromagnetic components can be allocated
in each channel to the 4 accessory keys. The addresses selected for each channel
are not however stored permanently and are reset as follows when the Digi 1 has been
switched off:
When the power is switched on the channels are always allocated to the loco
addresses 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the accessory keys in all channels control magnetic component
addresses 1 to 4.
Using the channel keys on the PIKO Digi remote control it is easy to change rapidly between
controlling 4 locomotives and 4 groups each consisting of 4 accessories.
If several PIKO Digi remote controls are used each PIKO Digi remote control can select a
different transmission channel and so control an individual loco without affecting the
loco driven from another PIKO Digi remote control using a different transmission channel.
3. Loco control
First of all the transmission channel A, B, C or D must be selected using the keys
3.1. Entering the loco address
A loco address must be selected.
To select a loco address press the loco key The desired loco address can then be
entered using the numerical keys 0 to 9
The entry is concluded when any other key is pressed.
This rule does not apply to the channel selection keys . For instance, the entry
can be terminated by pressing the key for lights control or a key for altering the speed of
the loco.
If on the other hand the loco key , is pressed after the figures have been entered the
selection mode is terminated without carrying out the command.
The selection mode is also terminated if no input is made within 10 seconds.
The address used as the loco address consists of the last (up to 3) digits entered provided
this address is between 0 and 127. This means you can enter 8 digits if you like but
the PIKO Digi remote control only retains the last three. If an invalid address is entered
control remains with the previously selected locomotive.
1.) input: [1] [f0]
On the loco with address 1 the lights are switched on.
2.) input: [6] [5] [4] [1] [2] [3] [+]
The loco with the address 123 increases its speed.
3.) input: [1] [2] [f0]
The loco address of the channel remains unchanged and the lights on the previously
selected loco are switched on.
Reason: in this example the loco key functions like a delete key i.e. the digits entered
are deleted when the loco key is pressed for the second time and the address entered
is not valid.
If the loco address 0 is selected control is directed to a conventional loco without digital
decoder - if there is one - on the digital circuit. Thus it is possible to drive a loco
without decoder together with the locos fitted with decoders.
So if get it right I input:

loco- 0038 - f0
(0038 is the code on the bottom of locomotive)

I have tried some other combinations but nothing happens. :(

Anyway, thanks a lot!

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