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Pilot truck for Tyco loco

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I have a Chattanooga 0-8-0. It is the second edition (first without the pilot truck). Is there anyway to add a pilot truck to it and what one? I was thinking of using a self taping screw to attach it. The locomotive runs better than new after a little work was done to it. It is a good puller. I want to pull seven grain cars and a caboose with it.
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Hi T,

Is this your locomotive?

Do you already have the pilot truck. If not, maybe you could write the manufacturer and see if they'll sell you the part. Should be pretty simple to install it if the casting already has the clearance built into it.

(Just a side note from the site with the picture... It was voted "HO Locomotive of the Year" and "Product of the Year" by readers of Model Railroader magazine.) :)

The one I have is the Tyco Chattanooga 0-8-0. They have been out of the model rail road business for some time. There are plenty of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation ones but the original is different. 1st gen had a pilot truck. The clearance is there on all of the others. I just need to know what pilot truck might be compatible.
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