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Plastic wrap inquiry / locomotive

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Does anyone know the name/or where to buy the plastic wrap that is usually put on top of a locomotive before the plastic clamshell package is closed. It almost has a “silky ness” to it. Almost every manufacturer uses it. I sent a email to Athearn, and there reply was “non sticky plastic wrap” ( which doesn’t put me on the right track )...cheers
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There has been a 'foam like' but flexible thin plastic sheet
used in some shipments I've received. The reply from
Athern you mention, sounds like ordinary plastic wrap
used in the kitchen.

I’ve seen this on a new Bachmann GG1 as well as an Athearn SD40-2. It is definitely not plastic kitchen wrap. It seems to be intended to prevent scuffing of paint in areas where the loco shell might contact the plastic ‘clamshell’ container.
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