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Preiser unpainted figures

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Money saver
Time consumer.

The one and only painted Preiser figure I have is the Trucker, which although is an excellent rendition, was rather expensive for just one figure.
To place the needed figures around my layout promises to be a rather costly proposition.

I picked up a couple packs of unpainted Preisers at the LHS (something I hadn't known existed). I'd thought the only unpainted figures were from China.
120 sprued figures in each set: Trades figures, and Station figures. They're very high quality.

Although tedious, the task of painting them might turn out to be an interesting experience...
Because of it's superb fine-line ability, I plan on using the Harder & Steenbeck airbrush to dress them up.

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thanks for the part number ....
i just picked up the trades people, worked out to roughly fifty dollars canadian ..:)
i went by your part number as shown ... the figures were 36 canadian, [27.48 us] with 13 [9.88 us] for shipping .. i considered it pretty good knowing the quality of their castings ..
my nearest local hobby shop is 120 miles away.. i didn't phone them to see ..
we will find out when they get here , lol
i'm not sure how steady my hand is any more :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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