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HELP ANYONE! I finally figured how to download photos from our digital camera onto the worlds oldest Gateway computer. We have a LAN line which compunds the problem of speed and efficiency. I tried on several occassions to upload to the gallery or even the forum itself. The only success I've had is on my account for Photo album. Its frustrating . We also are in the process of getting a new computer/router to go wireless and join the 21st century. So....any ideas fellas. :confused:

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One way is to use the common paint under accessories.
Open the picture and go to Image then strech/skew. Then File, Save AS, to preserve the original. The file must be saved as a jpeg not a bitmap(the default).
I change the 100's to 12 for a small image and attach it to a post using manage attachments.
To diplay, you click the attachment. copy the url and paste to the postcard icon.

For a descent size to manage stay with 600 to 650 across.
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