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Programming Track Setup Issues

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I've been trying to get back into the model railroad hobby after a long hiatus, and am discovering a lot of cool features that I'd like to use. I had a Digitrax DCS 50 as a kid and had no idea that it could program the decoders and am trying to set up a programming track. However, I keep getting a D nD error whenever I try and read or write a decoder address. I've tried with two different locomotives (One Athearn, no sound, and one Broadway Limited Imports, with sound) and both give the same error. A digitrax website said to put a resistor in the Prog A and Prog B outputs, and when I tried that, the Broadway limiteds sound and lights cut on when I attempted to write the decoder address. I'm sure that I've got my wires hooked up right. I read a constant ~1.5 volts on the programming track.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!
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This is an important step often misunderstood, neglected, dismissed, misread, or simply forgotten by many newcomers to DCC:

Follow the steps in the manual for resetting, or addressing, decoders. Manuals can be downloaded at Digitrax's site.

This is the key step often overlooked: When you finally press 'enter', the locomotive will shunt two or three times, beep, and lights may/may not flash, depending on the decoder.

At this point, the newer Digitrax throttles will prompt you to enable a 'long' or 'extended' address, numbers greater than 127.. You must tell the system Y or N. There'll be another beep and shunting...maybe. From there, and here we finally get to the critical missing piece...YOU MUST ENSURE THAT THE TRACK POWER IS OFF. Some Digitrax systems, or all of them, not sure, will automatically shut off track power when you complete the Y/N. You must turn it back on manually, pressing the right buttons, and then acquire the new address on your throttle.

Another thing: You didn't forget that you have assigned it a new address, and you have it enabled and active on your throttle. Nothing happens when you stop putting in numbers and click on the encoder knob...if you have one. That's because BLI decoders won't do any thing until THE FIRST SPEED STEP is entered and you want the loco to begin to move. Sounds and other effects, and movement, will only start at that time...after you dial in a single speed step.
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