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need to know how much this car should weigh in oz, i want to put the weight in before i glue the doors on, its a intermountain HO kit that i put together, i will post pic when its done, also i have a Athearn SD 45-2 that i am painting and i had the side frames on the trucks off and the wheels out of the trucks i read somewhere thet there is a neg and pos side to the wheels, does it matter polarity wise whitch way that i put the wheel asmly back in the trucks, there was no markings on the wheels they looked the same. one more question sorry !!! i have a couple peco turnouts that are not insulated they are the Electrofrog type can i use these on a DCC layout without any short circut problems or do i have to do some special wiring, a lot of my cars have metal wheels thanks in advance :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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