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Question from Robert about Deadrail

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My name is Robert and I am a new trainaholic. I am building a 12x 8 L shaped HO layout and struggling with going DCC or dead rail. I bought the dead rail parts for a locomotive and realize the restrictions of not being able to run DCC units . What is your suggestion? Thanks! Looking forward to asking lots of questions.

Hi Robert,

I own a Deadrail layout. Layouts without wiring are sometimes referred to as BP/RC (battery powered/radio controlled)

Whatever questions you may have I will try to respond to, as will others here I am sure.

Although I have run my locomotives on other dcc layouts, no dcc modeller has ever commented that he was disappointed not being able to run his own personal locomotive on my layout.

Hope to hear from you. All the best

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In 10 years there will be induction charging where you roll the battery car over a charging station it charges in minutes. :)

I'm old school and will always run powered track, but I'll be dead in 30 years. Or sooner.

h59rob, I don't know anything about deadrail, but I'm certain there are ways to make the charging easier. Maybe roll it over a section that has a third rail or something?
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