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Questions about gauge of wiring

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Couldn't find this in a search.

What gauge wiring is best for E-Units?
Solid? Stranded?
Cloth Covered? Solid?

Same question regarding smoke/lights in Steam engines?

When re-wiring my Alcos, use the same?

Thanks in advance for all your help:)
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For engines I use a 22 solid.
For moving on trucks or between cars you need stranded.
20 tends to be thick so I use 22 stranded for that.
I will use 20 for setting up dual motors.
If the engine is huge go with 20.
Overall it does not make much difference.
Stranded comes in a three pack from Radio Shack.
Home depot has the 9 lives, liftime supply.
You may need to reduce the size.
In phtobucket I save pictures on medium.
On the PC I use paint and resize to 12 from 100. use manage attachments to upload to a post.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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