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I purchased this kit some time ago and am planning to install it on my layout. 4 questions.

1) How easy would it be to remove the back 3 inches or so of the main building. I'd like the back to all be on the same plane so it could be placed flush against the cliff/back.

2) Is there anything wrong with leaving off the slack loading building?
I've definitely got enough space for the main structure but I'm not sure about the slack loading building. Might be a bit

3) Should the Slack Loading building be serviced by a truck or train or either?
If it could be truck serviced, it'd be easier to incorporate.

4) How easily can it be reversed (Left and Right)?
I'd like to have the car loading apparatus on the right and the rest of the building on the left.

This is the footprint that Walthers provides.

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