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I made a quick attempt to copy the new, rather luxurious Lionel reactor.
With all the hoopla about aliens and green, mine turned out to be a landing in a train yard in NJ, of course.

SO here is the landing and attack sequence from my new mini picture.


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Garsh dangit, BillyBob ... the strangest thing happened. There I was, just sittin' in the freight yard, when ZAM! ... there goes these bright lights comin' down from space, and this flyin' saucer goes spinning over my head. Then FWOOSH! ... this tracking beam sucks me up into their mother ship, and there I am ... inside, staring at these bug-eyed little green monsters ... they're all around me. Strap me down, they did. Nothin' I could do to stop 'em. Then, I blank out ... mind goes all fuzzy like. Next thing I know, I'm sitting back in the freight yard, but now a little bit taller off of the rails. Those dang-frazzin-bug-juice bandits done went and performed a TRUCKECTOMY on me! I'm now playin' for the other team, gosh darnit!

I'll tell ya' ... lucky for them I didn't have my sawed-off shot gun nearby when they'z'a first come a callin'.
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