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Railroad colors

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Hey all,

Just a quick question regarding railroad colors...

I'm planning on redoing my Lionel Alcos in Union Pacifiic livery and my Marx E units in Rio Grande

my question is....what colors do I buy? Do I go with straight yellow and grey for the UP locos, and straight yellow and silver for the Rio Grande paint?..

..or, do I try to locate paints that are authentic?

I know Floquil makes a ton of railroad colors, but the paint I found for UP paint schemes looks too orange per the pics I've seen in magazines and on the internet. I couldn't find a match for Rio Grande yellow.

Help, any help would be appreciated:D

Cheers, Ian
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You'll get no color complaints from me ... except, of course, if you splash on any of Stillakid's infamous flourescent crane deck "Alien Green" ... I'll come at ya' all guns a-blazing! :laugh:

(Sorry, Jim ... couldn't resist :rolleyes:)

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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