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Hi all. I started in trains when my Uncle built a Lionel HO set in the late 1950s into the 60s. I still have the trains. A giraffe that ducks under a pole, a milk train that unloads the milk. A helicopter train, a log train, etc. It seems so advanced for that era. He spent months making the setup with all of the roads, grass, trees and a mountain tunnel. I played with it more than he did and he gave me the trains. But now I wanted to get into collecting and building something on a ceiling track. Maybe better to use 0 Scale. So glad to join you all!
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Sorry FlightRisk. Must have slipped through. :) For a ceiling track do you mean like a shelf? Depending on the space you have it might be good to us HO, or On30 (narrow gauge O scale). I'd love the see your old stuff though, sounds fun.
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