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Impeccable detail
Bargain LHS price.

I'm a huge fan of RS11's and GP9's.
Circa 1958...
SP's RS11's were painted in both Black Widow and (starting in 1958) Bloody Nose motifs. Due to their complicated system-wide renumbering scheme, some were re-billeted in the 2900's, while others remained in the 5700's.
They remained in road service until 1965, when they were relegated to switcher status.

It seems the Black Widow version (which I much prefer) is outselling the Bloody Nose by at least 5 to 1. This one was substantially discounted.

This model has ESU & Loksound, and performs great (after a lengthy break-in period).
Slowest crawl speed (and smoothest speed steps & start/stop) I've ever had in a locomotive.

My Atlas Gold RS11's are nicely detailed, but this is a few notches above.
It's about 95% accurate, but the level of detail far over-compensates for any minor discrepancies.
In fact, there's detail that isn't visible unless you pick it up and hold it, which in my opinion is overkill and ludicrous.

Underbody piping & plumbing... Dead straight handrails... Backlit number boards... Green & white class lights.
McDonald Cartier couplers work well, but need height adjustment. Jury's still out.
Kadee 5's & 148's fit most Rapido models with a little fidgeting.

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I got the Black Widow version and agree completely. :thumbsup:
Great runner with the insane SP light package.
Much more detail than I really need but nice to have. :)
One problem with the Black Widow paint being black you really
need a lot of light and good eyes to see it, but it's there.

This will be my heavy yard switcher and short line hauler so
it's right under your nose most of the time, so the high detail can be seen.

Mostly got it for the SP light package and it's great.

Glad you got yours at a great price, :smilie_daumenpos:
I didn't. :(

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I've always favored the Widow paint scheme, and my Atlas RS11's and Genesis GP9's are all in that motif (along with my Mainline F7's).
But the price of this diesel in Bloody Nose paint was too good to pass up.
And like you said, the light package is "insane".

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So, if I may ask, what exactly was your bargain LHS price?
(About $15 cheaper than a D.C. version).
It was originally $229, but somebody test-tracked there, and it wouldn't work its way out of a herky-jerky break-in, so it was discounted further with that caveat.
I took it home, and after about 10 minutes of running it smoothed out perfectly.
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