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Recs for an HO steam loco

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It's been ages since I enjoyed train models as a hobby, and with a new granddaughter starting to appreciate the hobby I'm getting back into it. I've got O, N and HO lines going but would like to add an HO steam locomotive with tender to my collection. Please recommend a steam locomotive with smoke, DCC and sound are not requirements. But I'd like enough power to pull half a dozen cars. Hoping to stay under $300 (under $200 would be better!). Thanks.
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Unless you're looking for superlative detail, IMO, Walthers Mainline is the best bang for the buck... very 'nice' detail at a reasonabe price, and good runners.
Next step up would be Athearn RTR -- also reasonably priced.
After that, it's Walthers Proto, BLI, Athearn Genesis, ScaleTrains, Rapido, etc., at higher prices.
An additional advantage of Walthers Mainline or Proto is, you won't have to change couplers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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