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Removing Decals

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I am working on a conrail sd38 and need to replace the old conrail logo on the side to the newer Conrail quality. Does ayone know adifferent way to remove this other than a Hobby knife or paint?
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I have no idea... I think that the labels are pressed on with heat, no?

Using a razor blade to scrape it off sounds best to me... Then if the plastic color is different underneath it use hobby paint to match the finish color :dunno:
Have you tried soaking it in really hot water?
I do not know what kind of decal is required for this to work... How hot were you thinking? I know that I tried removing one of the "oiling" stickers off the base of a prewar Lionel and it was not even budging at 250 degrees in my oven... With newer things though, arn't the decals sort of "burned" into the plastic? I do not know for sure though :dunno:

No and plus I just took an hour th do the decals on the side of the cab.:confused:
Do you have any pics yet? :p
Maybe you can try this? I found it when Googling what Dullcote was :)

I think this was taken out of context and is really about repairing cracked decals, but if it makes them so soft then I would think that it works for removing them :dunno:

If your decals are cracking, give them a really good spraying of Dullcote, then soak them in micro-sol (not water) and wait until you can slide them off the backing. Make sure both sides are thoroughly soaked! Be careful, as the decal is very soft at this point. Then apply normally.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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