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After running the first zepher for a number of years, yesterday I had to go into the twin cities and I stopped at my favorite train store, Beckers Model Railroad Supply and i purchased the latest zepher xpress DCS52 control unit. I got it hooked up last night and have been trying it out for a couple hours and it is great. I can now program sound engines because it has a built in booster. It has an lcd readout screen. After reading the manual and working with that I got the programming feature down pat. They don't both to tell you in the book to turn off track power when programming on a program track. Who can understand the manuals the write anyway!! It is the perfect unit for my l shaped switching layout, another nice feature is when you go to select an engine to run there is a recall key and the screen shows a list of the last engines you have run if you are reusing one you can just pick that. Just thought I would pass on my thoughts about it. There is also a usb port to link to a computer so you can run JMRI if you wanted to. AT 74 I am not gonna try to figure all that out, just keep it simple.
Any questions message me about the unit and I will try to help you out.
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