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Reed City, Michigan has been a "Cross Roads" town before it actually became a city, especially for the Rail Roads. I'm looking for details on where the tracks were and the surrounding associated buildings in the areas I want to model. Which Include East of Reed City to Clare, West to Ludington (where there was/is Ferry Service to 3 towns in Wisconsin for train, cars & people), North to Cadillac (maybe NW to Frankfort from Cadillac if space allows), South almost to Grand Rapids. 20 miles West of Reed City is Baldwin, where another line runs N/S and is still operational today. From Clare through other lines & small towns to North of Grand Rapids, and back up to Baldwin.
The time frame I'm trying to get information on is between 1930 and 1940. There is little information online for these areas in this time frame.
Where would be a good place to look for old maps, blueprints, or even find out who owned the lines in that time frame?
Is there anyone here that has, or is, modeling in this time frame?
Thank You Kindly
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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