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Restoration Stamps & Inks

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Found this link and thought that those that do restoration work or repaints would be interested. Pricey, but with the prewar stuff, worth it!
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I still need to stamp out my 610 and 612 passenger cars. :eek:hwell: I have another source somewhere, in NY. Other hard drive.
The cars are still unstamped. They slipped in priority. I know about Mania Trains I am not sure on the sizing I need for letters. The wife is the stamper so I know a special ink helps. Michaels Craft store is selling a stamp lettering set. Get three of them for three bucks and spell out "Lionel Lines" or get a Western style to match "New York City Central". The handles are long and can be glued together to make one stamp. Seven bucks cheeper. Also you can peel and reglue then to a new single base.

These two are easily found. The right would work with NY Central. The have a set with small letters that would match the left. The font is suspect or maybe the quality. The letters don't look straight, so it may be just the quality, the way the block was stamped. I haven't seen numbers.

As you can see they can be glued to each other for straight lettering.

If you do stamp use an ink for a metal surface not paper. They are out there and the wife doesn't have a particular brand to name.


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That's true but for a buck or two I can get another set(s) L,N, and E plus more letters. The tape would cost more. Wouldn't it? :D

It depend on the pressure needed to stamp. You want it to be even. These are long enough to clamp togther. They are over 3/4ths of an inch. They probably made to join that way for words.

A Lionel Lines stamp at Mania Trains was 10 bucks.
To stamp out my two cars it would cost about thirty at 3/4th the purchase price of the cars I am no hurry to do it. I would like to do it in the future. Perhaps if I get some more cars.:rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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