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Hey guys,
I'm doing a restoration on a Lionel executive inspection car no. 68. I'm looking for the shell for it right now, it's a fiberglass plastic piece that goes over the motor and everything else. Wondering if anybody's got one or knows where I could get one. My shell is shot, but it runs sweet after I greased the gears and tightened stuff up better. With minimal friction, this thing MOVES and is the smoothest vehicle on my track. If only it didn't look like garbage. good SLEEPER though:laugh:. It's from like 1958 by the way, and fairly rare I think. Here's a picture of what it should look like.

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How ugly can it be?
I would think a car would be easier to spiff up with some epoxy, or bondo.
Perhaps replace with another type of model car on the same scale.
The repro would be the easiest.
My rule of thumb is the worst it is, the more you can do something to it. Even if it deviates from the original.
Sounds like a good project.
One Question on a Marx 490.
Do you do anything special to keep the motor from falling out?
The one that I cleaned came apart after the fact.
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