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or perhaps brothers, I didn't check. Plus a battery driven train all from the same ebay buy. Macau a special administrative region of China.

Being a Virginia & Truckee fan I couldn't pass it up, not having that make in gray.

Both nasty, broken, and missing parts. Smoke stacks missing from both, head lamp broken on one with the blub protruding in a way that it would never fit back in the housing.

Moved the lamp back into the boiler and secured with RTV. had to cut the leads and solder in a new lamp. Re-glued the headlight back on.

Tried both on the track as received. Both ran with a little encouragement. 0-60 in one second flat at about 1/4 throttle, never saw that before.

Disassembled both and gave the shells a sudsy bath. Greased the worm gears and oiled the valve/driver assemblies which somehow quieted them down. They run like sensible contemporizes now.

Cheap little things but I like them. They have neither the quality or detail of the Rivarossi/Pocher units, but the motors are robust and for what they are, they run quite well.


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