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Rivarossi 4-6-4 Hudson tender problem

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I have a Rivarossi 4-6-4 Hudson locomotive with a problem in the tender. When I connect another tender to locomotive, it runs, and when I connect the tender to a different locomotive, that locomotive does not run. Clearly there's a problem with the tender. Are there any suggestions as to how I might fix this?
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ive gone my rounds with a stubborn blue goose. it turned out to be corrosion on the screws that mounted the tender trucks to the frame were corroded and the section of wire that goes from the motor to the frame was shady. make sure to keep the contacts to the tender wheels clean and keep the wire on the draw bar clean or you will end up with a locomotive that runs like Chicago rush hour traffic. stop, floor it, slam on the brakes, floor it and so on. the newer Hornby model rivarossi locomotives with can motors are excellent but the older ones can be a pain
Glad to hear you got it fixed. I’m working on an older mehano 4-6-2 that’s had pick up issues for a long time. It dies on every single frog I have due to them all being insulated. Added pick ups to the tender


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