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Rivarossi 4-6-4 Hudson tender problem

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I have a Rivarossi 4-6-4 Hudson locomotive with a problem in the tender. When I connect another tender to locomotive, it runs, and when I connect the tender to a different locomotive, that locomotive does not run. Clearly there's a problem with the tender. Are there any suggestions as to how I might fix this?
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Yes, it has a small wire
Thanks. I took everything apart that I could and then reassembled, checking for these things, and it works now. My daughter is happy that the passenger line of her railroad is back in operation.
I couldn't find anything obvious, so I suspect perhaps it was dust or lint somewhere interfering with the connection.
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I was having problems with the tender again, so I took two additional steps. First, I added an additional half ounce of weight to the tender to improve the contact between the wheels and the track. Second, I tightened the pin as much as I could by hand to enhance the connection from the tender to the locomotive. The combination of these two things made a dramatic difference.
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