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Rivarossi's HO gauge Y6 articulated is a favorite of mine, guess I have about eight of them, some NIB some in need of attention, a lot of attention.

Recently I bought a very rusty example with what I guess to be an early engine prior to when they started using the more modern and cheaper "can" motor.

The motor was completely rusted and unmovable. So throwing caution to the wind (what do I have to lose) I soaked it in Evaporust and hoped for the best.

After about three hours I removed it and rinsed it in hot water, came out clean but still frozen as expected. Disassembled and only then noticed that the armatures shaft was guided by ball bearings, no cheap bronze bushings here. Notice the adjustable end-play adjuster.

Darn, during disassembly I lost about half of the bearings. But I put it back together just to see if it would run, which it did but with a wobble.

Cleaning up, I found the missing bearings. I always disassemble on a paper towel or something similar. So now I have to take it apart again and put the rest of those ball bearings back in. Those aren't grains of sand.

So my question. Is anyone familiar with Rivarossi's motors that could give me a time-line?


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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