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When u replace shoulder rivets on your tender do u buy the tool or u use a punch or a center punch. Thanks al
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I have never replaced one. I have a 283 that the front tender truck fell off. I think
I will just buy the tool. "whack it with a hammer". need to buy a few tools. A wheel
puller would be one. And the tools to repair link couplers.

I think flyernut has the "whack it with a hammer" to do tender trucks.
That's the one I have!! Perfect tool for the tenders and other cars. I also have the link coupler installation tool, wheel puller, quartering jigs, and a axle installer and as most of you, a good friend of mine built many of the tools. The very small rivet on the coupler and yoke assembly, (draw-bar), requires a roll pin punch as the rivet tool is too large.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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