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Rough garage layout

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Had 2 tables sitting in garage for a while so i decided to use them as a rough layout for my hawthorne village coca cola express.I have a bridge tressel set and more track coming.I also decided to put a quick shot of the lionel train cars which i got from my grandmother in 1993.

I will be picking up a 4x8 board for the train but am having a hard time using the anyrail program to see what kind of layout i wanna do.I have the 18piece truseel bridge set coming tomorrow and soon more track also.
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Changed my track layout to use the 18 set pier bridge from bachmanns.Love the way the layout looks but train has problem going up,not sure how to try and solve that problem:(.
very easy - make it flat. but if you absolutely have to have elevation (i do as well :rolleyes:) don't climb as high and prepare for headaches. grades are not easy business
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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