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Rough garage layout

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Had 2 tables sitting in garage for a while so i decided to use them as a rough layout for my hawthorne village coca cola express.I have a bridge tressel set and more track coming.I also decided to put a quick shot of the lionel train cars which i got from my grandmother in 1993.

I will be picking up a 4x8 board for the train but am having a hard time using the anyrail program to see what kind of layout i wanna do.I have the 18piece truseel bridge set coming tomorrow and soon more track also.
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... unfortunately power supply took a fall and died :(

Don't despaireth, good lad. For if we all pay due heed and homage to King Gravitus, and from this point hence do solemnly vow to move thy goods and wares away from the Dreaded Edge, we may soon find peace and harmony in our beloved land. But, alas! ... Ye who persist to be tempted by the siren wails of The Edge shall pay a dear price and move thusforth forward into the future in squalor amidst broken piles of rubble and forlorn dreams.

Pay good heed to these words of wisdom, lad ... pay good heed ...

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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