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RS type diesels on the S&Y RR

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One of my favorite switchers is the Alco RS type diesel. Great for the yard or the mainline. As a youngster back in the 50's, I remember the Northern Pacific lashing up 2 or 3 of these guys when working the log mills along Lake Washington.

Here are a few that travel the rails of the S&Y RR.


Vehicle Scale model Transport Train Railway

Railway Transport Scale model Train Vehicle

Vehicle Railway Transport Train Scale model

Scale model Transport Railway Train Vehicle
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I like the RS1s the most. They look like something that would come along right after steam engines were transitioning off the railroads with their square and angular looks.

The RS3 are slightly streamlined with the gentle curves built into the car bodies. The paint schemes really compliment the locomotive design. Great looking engines!

Right, and the GM&O engine too.

I have a PRR RS-1 version of the Atlas and I am considering a NYC MTH version. They are handsome locomotives when they are painted with colors other than Brunswick

Great looking engine! Is that a MTH product? The colors work well together and I like the safety striped pilots...

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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