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Rubber rings for Ho train wheels

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We pulled out an older train and the engine wheels appeared to have had rubber rings on the wheels. Only one was remaining and it was broken. I am having trouble finding replacements. Any thoughts? Are they still available?
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Rubber rings

Thank you, I assumed we weren't using the correct wording for them. I'll try ebay now.
Thank you to all who replied so quickly. We found a hobby shop close by that may have them ( now that we know what they are called LOL) Once they open, we'll head in to see, if not we'll check the site out that was suggested above. Thanks !!!
Thank you, we'll keep that handy , I'm sure we'll need alot more things as we move along.
We did see the snot on ebay...have many of you tried this stuff?
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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