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S Gauge Track recommendations

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Hi everyone,

Before you point me to the search feature, please rest assured i've done that and haven't found the answer to my question. :)

I'm building a 54"x72" layout for my son and have the table constructed. I now need to find the best track to use and am asking for some recommendations on what I should look for.

The layout will have:
1. A siding
2. An inner loop
3. Probably a crossover

This means im looking for turnouts and a crossover section. I am fine with bending flexible track, but do not have the time to build turnouts/customize to that level.

What are the best track options that offer remote powered turnouts and a crossover option without a ton of fabrication?

I've heard about these so far but don't have a clear picture of what is best
- GarGraves
- AF Fastrack
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Ignorant N-scaler wants to learn some basics of American Flyer

You left out American Models. I do not know what you mean by a crossover. MTH and SHS do not offer a crossing track. Gilbert only made 90 degree crossings. FasTrack and AM offer shallow angle crossings.
I recommend you try sketching the track plan using 40" diameter curves and see what fits. This is the smallest curve diameter in S gauge. Then start looking at brands of track. For the size space you have original Gilbert is likely the cheapest and best choice.

Over in the "Beginner's Q&A" section I attempted to help a "newbie" who wants to build a layout for a little four-year-old boy with some old American Flyer trains he has on hand.
I soon realised that while i've been active in N-scale for over forty years, and have some earlier experience with HO-scale, and O-27 Marx & Lionel three-rail O-gage, I know practically nothing about American Flyer or S-scale.
The newbie said he had first looked here on the S-scale forum, but couldn't find whatever info he was looking for.
I have, just now, looked up American Flyer trains on wikipedia and learned a lot of the company's history and perhaps the answer to one of my basic questions. Does A/F run on AC or DC? It apparently started with neither, ( wind-up clockwork) then AC, & now DC. Is that correct?
I saw Gargraves track mentioned here along with other brands. I think the newbie has what may be some original A/F flyer track, but no turnouts. What kid of turnouts are available for American Flyer, and do they share the same basic design used in N,HO,and O-scale two-rail DC ? Even I know that Lionel three-rail turnouts bear little resemblance to those of smaller scales, as I have some to be used on a future layout for my four-year-old grandson.

Finally, and ,most importantly, could you, and perhaps some other American Flyer experts, look in the"Beginner's Q&A"section and help this guy out? I think I've given him what little help I can.

Thank you;

Traction Fan :smilie_daumenpos:
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Traction Fan, Done!


Thank you very much! :thumbsup:

Traction Fan :smilie_daumenpos:
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