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S Gauge Track recommendations

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Hi everyone,

Before you point me to the search feature, please rest assured i've done that and haven't found the answer to my question. :)

I'm building a 54"x72" layout for my son and have the table constructed. I now need to find the best track to use and am asking for some recommendations on what I should look for.

The layout will have:
1. A siding
2. An inner loop
3. Probably a crossover

This means im looking for turnouts and a crossover section. I am fine with bending flexible track, but do not have the time to build turnouts/customize to that level.

What are the best track options that offer remote powered turnouts and a crossover option without a ton of fabrication?

I've heard about these so far but don't have a clear picture of what is best
- GarGraves
- AF Fastrack
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The cheapest way to go of course is original, and it works just fine, just keep it clean... IMHO, GarGraves is super!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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