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S Gauge Track recommendations

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Hi everyone,

Before you point me to the search feature, please rest assured i've done that and haven't found the answer to my question. :)

I'm building a 54"x72" layout for my son and have the table constructed. I now need to find the best track to use and am asking for some recommendations on what I should look for.

The layout will have:
1. A siding
2. An inner loop
3. Probably a crossover

This means im looking for turnouts and a crossover section. I am fine with bending flexible track, but do not have the time to build turnouts/customize to that level.

What are the best track options that offer remote powered turnouts and a crossover option without a ton of fabrication?

I've heard about these so far but don't have a clear picture of what is best
- GarGraves
- AF Fastrack
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21 inch radius would be 42 diameter. I like Gargraves but like Tom says they do not make a crossover. I am planning a S layout and want a figure 8. I am going to use original Gilbert track. Mainly due to cost. I have a 90 degree Gilbert cross over. Because of space I wanted a smaller degree of crossover. The only one I could find was Fastrack. It is 45 degree.So I have bought one and the 4 transition tracks that are needed to hook back up with Gilbert track. I think the transition tracks are kinda Mickey Mouse. But I will make it work. The Gilbert turnouts are pretty good and a lot cheaper than the other brands. If you go with
Gilbert track I would sell my Gilbert 90 degree crossover for $5.00 plus shipping. Should be less than anything on ebay. Its in
good condition.

I would not go smaller than 40 inch curves. Plus I do not know of any. In fact I am buying K-Line 27 radius curves. So 54
diameter. Not made anymore and hard to find. Looks almost identical to Gilbert track.

Welcome to the S forum.
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