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I have 3 turnouts removed from layout , included rail joiners to easily connect to scale trax . I used these old code 172 brass rail joiners with nice bolt detail for outside rails and regular 2 rail Atlas joiners for center rails . All that is ness. is to trim bottom flange of the outside rail with a DREMEL then snug fit joiner , solder . I used scale trax flex track and these joiners on layouts . Scale Trax is the easiest rail to solder , heats quick no tie melt . These joiners I found years ago on eBay , They actually were made by Atlas , included 20 new joiners and there are 6 fitted on the rail to show you how to make them work . 3 turnouts 2 left 0-72 1 right 054 ? the throws work good , have a little ballast stuck here and there . $35 plus shipping to your destination .
The turnouts have improved throw bars as these were used in conjunction with TORTISE switch machines
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