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Scaling in buildings

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I model in HO and like to build kits. I have noticed tho that there is a difference among brands and manufacturers in the scaling of buildings. That is, when different brands of buildings are placed side-by-side, I see a substantial difference. Some are over-scaled (too big), and some are under-scaled (too small). Has anybody else noticed this?
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Yes. As Michael noted, many (if not most) manufacturers try to get multi-use out of their structure kits by scaling them "between scales". In addition to HO /TT, HO / OO is another common blend. The former are slightly under scale, the latter slightly over. I've also found that a lot of them seem to be slightly ipunderscale so that they have a smaller footprint on the layout. Walthers Cornerstone kits seem to me to be true to scale. A good way to tell is that if a an HO scale figure is 7/8" tall, the a standard door should be about an inch high.
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