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Here are some super bashed/scratch/custom 1:87 side-dump cars.
These things started out with basic Life-Like / Lionel 1:87 toys.
,,,not perfect by any stretch, but a nice match for Steel Mills and M of W cars.
Models are undec .and they operate. All are based on B/W photos of some
Pittsburgh-Wheeling Steel cars.

Plant Sky Tree Building Wood
Train Plant Window Vehicle Building
Sky Building Plant Tree Cloud
Plant Sky Wheel Vehicle Tree
custom 40'gon loads, (Accurail Cars)

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Both side dumps, I used parts & pieces from Lionel ho dump-car(s)
Cut, bashed /scratch the hinge(s) and roller-tubes.(car-sides)
Used thin 1/32 brass wire, and Plaststruc* tube, with thin brass sheet pcs.
for frame/car attachment.
" lot of trial & error, scratch/bash etc. stuff to get these things to operate, and
still have the look !

Evil-bay * junk cars, (Lionel/Tru-Scale/,Tyco ) cost was about $2.00 each....
I created six(6) side-dump cars. All heavy, hard worn & weathered side-dumps.
Re-shopped/ re-built/ re-painted, Mill in-Plant stuff. . . road worn.
Tried to match close, but not rivet-counter perfect!
Lots of scale-parts* add-on's. "Top-to Bottom "
USS and Wheeling- Pgh. Steel Corp. 1950's prototype photos.
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