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Whistle tenders are in demand on e bay.Maybe it's sellers looking for match ups or what. I only have two. The best way is to be patient and get one in a lot at a show. Ebay is fine but it won't be a deal but it will be a lot quicker.:)

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YIKES !! Didn't realize they were going for such $$. Maybe I'll just sell the engine....I've got enough Lionel stuff.....
Thanx for the info guys.
If I am not mistaken that tender came along with a bunch of different locos.

Just keep looking and a deal will come along.

Try looking for one that needs a paint job then paint it up and add your favorite road name to it.:thumbsup:


Not a bunch but a few.
They came with #'s 2046 & 2055 & 2056 & 2065.
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