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About a month ago I was building an Erie coal car and the decals were missing the top layer of film. I ordered a set of replacement decals and while I was waiting found out from MTF that you can rescue the decals by coating them with clearcoat. I went on and finished the car and when the decals came in I put them in the stack with all the other decals I haven’t used (yet).
Next I built a coal mine and needed a loader to go with it, so back to ebay and found a Lifelike working coal tipple that came with a car. The car was a hideous shade of yellow and, since I just happened to have a spare set of Erie decals;, a new coat of black paint, decals, metal wheels and Kadee #5’s and it goes from “Just Plain Ugly” to “OK Zipping By in a Coal Train”.
I still have to make a load, need cardboard…


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