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Sharkipede ????

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Just acquired several old tyco sharks that I thought I might kitbash into a shark-i-pede....I use to do custom cars before I turned to ho, have always gone for realism,but thought it might be nice to create my own that is why I got these... any thoughts on this?
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Tyco Manufactured, Shark...baldwin Rf 16
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Would cut off the back of a A unit shark and then graft on part of a B unit to this...has to be 91 feet in scale as that was the original lenght.. then place trucks under this body..the centipede, baldwin dr-12-8-1599/2 had 12 axles, eight of which were driven..awesome machine...I just am using a different style body verus what was one it which was called the babyface, becasue I like the shark style..

will have in few some pictures of the start of this frankenstein to make a monster...ha, ha,ha!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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