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Shhhh...It's Free.

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So I sent an idea for an article, with pictures, into one of the magazines; to remain nameless. The response was: wow, that really looks great and very realistic, however, we are full up with articles about that subject. Uhhhh....hmmmm...I have maybe once seen something about my idea decades ago, and never in your why the rejection I wondered? It took about ten minutes to figure it out...of's business as usual in America. What I proposed was FREE; anyone can do it for less than a dollar. The magazine is simply supporting its advertisers and the manufacturers and are not going to parade out something that undercuts their advertisers products for FREE. There are no dealers, no manufacturers, no hobby shops involved, just you and minimal effort for great results. I have nothing against dealers or manufacturers or hobby shops and the magazine can refuse any submission it pleases. That's why I am exchange of ideas. More to follow.
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